The cat bunch

This little handsome fella is Doofee. He, his brother and sister were dropped off at the PetSmart where my husband worked, so we took the two boys and our friend took their sister. Sadly, our beloved “Doof Doof” passed away before he was a year old.

12-20-2012 6-52-00 PM
Here is Jynx, Doofee’s brother. He is such a ham. And not just because he’s sitting in a roaster. This little boy will lay on or in just about anything. We joke that he’s never hit puberty because at two years old he meows just like he did when he was a tiny kitten. He’s the only cat I’ve ever seen who fetches his crinkly toys and then drops them about a foot away from us.

Sitting high on his indoor outhouse is Dewey, our mutant-kitty. He’s a polydactyl that does what I call a “Fainting Kitty” maneuver where he just drops on his side wanting his belly rubbed. He’s got a mean 7-toed slap. In the back corner is Moby the “Waife.” We call him that because as healthy as he is, he just can’t seem to put on any weight. In the front is our tuxedo Mischief. She’s a heffer. We got all kind of plump kitty nicknames for her. She is such a lap-kitty, even at her 16 lbs of fatness.
And last, but not least, is the quiet and shy Austin. He’s a Maine Coon mix that is really good at entertaining himself.


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