The bird bunch

This is Ms. Cleo, a three-year old Congo African Grey. She came to us as a rescue. Half-nekkid from plucking herself, she’s a sweet little thing that is surprisingly enough bonding with me instead of my husband. I think her neatest trick is barking like a dog. There’s nothing quite like a barking bird!

This is Sebastian, a 22-year old Double Yellow-Nape Amazon. His a big bird who’s set in his ways so pretty much the only interaction we can really get in with him is with an oven mitt.

Lastly, we have Elmo, a 22-year old Macaw. He’s Sebastian’s roommate. The two have grown up together since they were hatchlings and Elmo gets quite upset if Sebastian leaves the room.

I don’t have any pictures yet, but we also have two conures. They’re currently residing at a friends place until we get our front room fixed from a fire in April.


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