The New Kitteh

IMG_20130926_192950Here is the latest addition to our family, Socks. Aka Sock-ey. I forgot how fun and painful it can be to have a kitten running around the house. Glaring at the birds. Glaring at the rat. She hasn’t glared at the leopard gecko or tarantula yet, thank goodness. She definitely earns her keep by going after the stinkbugs that have invaded our home. Last night we caught her climbing into the bottom of Ms. Cleo’s cage from which she was quickly extracted.

The Mutant Kitty still wants nothing to do with her, he’s avoiding her like the plague. He turns into a krabby patty around us even when she’s clear on the other side of the house. He is no longer my bathroom buddy when I get ready for work in the morning. That’s some mighty strong resentment there.

Ah, well, such is life with a zoo in the house. But their antics make it much more worth coming home to in the evening.