Why do this?

I know that there are people out there who think my husband and I are crazy for having six cats, one dog, five parrots, a tarantula, a leopard gecko, a rat and a bunch of fish, and that people say I don’t need to defend myself but I don’t mind sharing WHY we have such an array of pets.

All my life I never wanted to be involved with kids. I never wanted kids of my own. Sure, I had the stereotypical babysitting job, but that was the extent of my involvement with kids growing up. I don’t mind watching kids or playing with kids but at the end of the day, I like knowing that I can return them to their parents. Once we were asked by friends of ours if they ever had kids and anything happened to them (the parents) would we be willing to take in their child(ren) into our home. We said yes, we would. As mentioned before, I never wanted kids, although now that I’m married, my position is slowly changing. So until my husband and I graduate college and are ready to settle down permanently somewhere, it’s going to be pets for us. I honestly feel that each of us are put on this earth for a reason. There are some people who like to spend their time and money doing things for charity organizations that help people, and there are some people who like to spend their time and money doing things for charity organizations for pets / animals. For 33 out of the 35 years of my life, I was 100% the latter. There are a lot more corporations and organizations that will donate to human charities than animal/pet charities and I just feel more peaceful knowing that I can help out those who need it and don’t have a voice.



I’ve tried blogs before but just haven’t found that right “blog home.” So I’m going to give WordPress a try because a friend of mine uses it and I like the layout of his blog.

This blog’s going to be about the musings of the zoo we have at our humble abode. And by zoo I mean the one dog, soon to be six cats, three (out of five) parrots, a rat, leopard gecko, fish and rose-haired tarantula.

We don’t have any kids so we take great enjoyment in having pets. It goes without saying that there is never a dull moment in our house whether it’s the parrot barking, the dog sniffing and rolling on the rug like she found something stinky or the cat who plays fetch with his crinkly toys.

But I’m also going to take this one step further and provide information on articles that I think folks may find useful in regards to their pets health. I will only post from credible sources and post that information as well.

My husband works as a manager at the local PetSmart and would like to one day be a district or regional manager and me, well, I’m a trainer by trade so there’s really nothing exciting there. I’m going to try and post every couple days, I don’t want to inundate readers right off the bat. Or is it back?